The Proper Setting For a Miracle

The Proper Setting for a Miracle

Title: The Proper Setting for a Miracle

Date: May 1937

Creator: Karen Monrad Jones

Publisher: Advance 

Description: This one page article appearing in the periodical Advance  begins by giving the state of affairs of the distribution of books for African American children in the South at the time of the writing in 1937. Followed by a brief history of Willie Lee Buffington and the beginning of the Faith Cabin Library movement. The article then goes on to explain the positive impact these libraries are having on adults and children alike and how and why Buffington was able to get the community to work together.

Subject: Buffington, Willie Lee; Faith Cabin Library; Library service agencies; Saluda County (S.C); South Carolina; Education; African Americans; School children; Adult Literacy; Advance; Jones, Karen Monrad

Format: application/pdf

Language: English

Rights: This article is considered to be an orphaned work with no copyright holder able to be found. A thorough search was conducted through all of the newspaper/periodical/magazine resources that can be accessed by the University of South Carolina. As well as a thorough general internet source that uncovered several magazines entitled Advance,  but were determined not to be the magazine in question.