The Creation and Upkeep

The Willie Lee Buffington digital library contains a subset of items that are a part of  the  South Caroliniana library’s Willie Lee Buffington manuscript collection held at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, South Carolina.  This digital library is a part of an effort to migrate material from the original digital library site that was created in 2005. The original site was co-created by Professor, Dr. Robert Williams and then graduate student Laura Sponhour as a part of SLIS 725 in the fall semester of 2005.  On a no  longer supported Greenstone server, the information was at risk of being lost.

In the fall of 2017, SLIS 725 again took on the project by beginning to migrate the information from the Greenstone server to this WordPress site. Kaitlin Scott and Ellen Attori were the first students on this project in Fall 2017. This digital library is something that will continue to be added to as future semesters of SLIS 725 students are given the project.